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                               HAPPY HAWKESBURY HATTERS & SUNRISE

Queen Purple Obsessed, Dee and some of her members from Blight Park - NSW had a fun morning when Sunrise Weekend came to film a segment at her home which was shown on Sunday  19th March.

As a result there have been many more ladies of the public now enquiring  about membership to groups around the states.  Congratulations Ladies on a great job well done!


What limiting story do you tell yourself? Maybe it’s that you are having difficulty in finding friends or love or that you’ll never have a certain amount of money, or look a certain way. Maybe it’s that you are too shy, or that you are terrible at small talk or that you never seem to succeed in things you try to do.

Many people feel at times they are unable to get their lives moving in the right direction. Knowing who you are and what your purpose is on the planet at any given time could be one of the keys to finding different pathways to participating in this crazy, fascinating thing called LIFE and making it more meaningful for YOU.

Keeping your thoughts moving in a positive direction not only makes you feel good in the moment but it also staves off anxiety and depression.

The more you employ positive thinking, the longer the effects last and then you can grasp all the wonderful things that pass our way every day. Our inner voices can give us a lot of good information and the inspiration we need to help us achieve our goals. Change your thoughts and the limiting stories you tell yourself, you will be able to change your world.

Do you watch people on the streets and in restaurants and think that their boisterous conversations and broad smiles are evidence they are enjoying themselves and at times wish you could be part of that scene? Then find evidence around you that can support your new story.  Maybe you have seen some Red hatters dressed in purple outfits with red hats and felt they are certainly having fun and have considered you may like to join in. 

Most of these ladies are “boomer” women, are over the age of 50 and are part of that wonderful generation that have found freedom that comes with their ageing. They finally have the opportunity to look beyond the role that society asks them to play and they take up the opportunities as they fall into in place and have courage to try things that they may have never done before.

Imagine yourself having relaxed conversations with people at social events where you contribute equally to the conversation. We all have the capability to imagine, so give it a shot and see what happens. But remember sitting around visualizing isn’t enough to make change happen in your life. There needs to be supporting actions that helps you recognize the opportunities of participation.  This could be becoming involved with Red hatting if you are looking for some new social avenues, or for new friendships mixed in with fun.


Age does not matter! It's never too late to learn something new, with more of us than ever taking up new challenges at a time when we are supposed to be thinking about winding back and accepting old age.

Ask yourself: “If I forget about what the world thinks, what do I value most in life?” Is it family, health, relationships, security, travel, music, art, simplicity, wisdom or love etc? If you have identified your top priority and already have it in your life, treasure it. Hold it close. Embrace it. If you want to add just a little more on the social side, then perhaps give Red hatting a try.



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