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Self-examination is that “life story” approach that lets you look backward to learn how the sum total of your past shaped you. If each life event is a star, our life story is the constellation. And if we spent all of our time looking at individual stars through a telescope lens, we couldn’t appreciate the magnitude and beauty of the constellations that dot the sky. To that end, the process of becoming biographers of our lives is a profoundly powerful but surprisingly underutilized approach to better understand who we are, who we could be and how we could best manage our day to day challenges.


It takes very small effort to open your eyes, heart and mind to the magical sources of the universe. It takes slightly more belief than other people have. It takes slightly more magical dreams than everyone else’s. They don’t have to be bigger. They have to be more wonderful.

As much as we wish we were able to value each moment in our lives, it’s sometimes simply not possible. Life occasionally drags us down and at these time it can be difficult to keep the bigger picture in mind. In the end it all comes down to having the right mindset. It’s all about perspective.

Making the most of your life starts with being present and in the moment. Really appreciating the ‘small’ things in life – the smell of the morning, the warmth of a hug, the gift of a smile can help to bring your senses back to nature. Smiles mean so much to yourself and others.

The advice “to live life as if there is no tomorrow” does not mean to be concerned that something may happen soon, it means to free yourself from all the man-made illusions about what life really should or could be, to remove all the things you don’t really need and to focus your attention on the positive, on what is most valuable to you and what you are grateful for.

For many, health and family are the primary source of meaning.

Family, friends, good health and unconditional love are things most valued in life, while having the opportunity to explore your personality and identifying your values helps you to learn to stand in your own integrity.

There are certain advantages to ageing as it allows opportunities to review your life and generally realise you have found the courage to filter out personality traits, values or goals that aren’t truly yours, but were imposed upon you by society, media and so on. With age you stop worrying about other people’s opinions and can let go of all the social anxiety.  Red hatters are mature women - generally over the age of 50 (with some members well into their 90’s) who have certainly learnt to do their own thing.


Red hatters try to live life to the fullest and value the supportive connection with each other and always endeavour to have fun and enjoy themselves. There are tons of opportunities for Aussie ladies to find some treasured moments of care-free relaxation with fellow like-minded women during the many social activities held around the states.

Red hatter’s most common activity is to share time together while enjoying a meal. It is an opportunity to bond and forge friendships, to share their highs and lows and to allow their minds and bodies some respite time.  The simple act of sharing meals with friends is often more laughter filled and less fraught than a meal with family. Although some say it’s because we choose our friends, it’s also because we expect less of them than we do of relatives. While we’re busy scrutinizing our relationships and family dramas, our friends are quietly but strongly influencing and supporting us, with no conditions put upon the association, straight through old age.  Red hatters are especially good at that!


Groups also enjoy many other outings to theatres, movies, and cultural events, have picnics, take holidays and cruises, visit other chapters, have themed events and larger multi-groups conventions, and so much more. 

Details for activities and new listings for 2018 can be found on the
“EVENTS 2017–2018” page.


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