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Inspiration for many things can come from different avenues by which our lives may travel.  It could be in a moment of reflection, or during times of confusion and hardships that an initiative becomes planted in our minds and heart and we then make a determined effort to put our ideas into play.


In life there are always undesirable things to cope with, so, in order to feel better you may just need to look at life from another direction. Finding fresh new ways of thinking and be thankful for each beautiful day is a great start. Faith is the continual demonstration of the strength and wonder of life. And if you are a lady, participating in red hat activities with other like-minded, fun-loving women is a great way to boost ones spirits.

Ladies who find themselves needing the company of others often look to local organisations to join to help fill a void in their friendship base or when it is determined there is a need to reconnect on a social level. Being connected is what Red hatting offers to ladies, generally over 50 that wish to be involved with a group of women keen to share some times together in the socialising arena.

There is minimal expectation of participants when they meet for regular, or impromptu activities, other than a desire by all to enjoy the company of each other while filling in a few hours (or more), away from the responsibilities of life’s demands or challengers. Participating in red hat activities can relive loneliness and inspire others in many ways to again find a sense of fun.


A little self-awareness is the first thing required to enliven a virtual fresh breeze. Recognition followed by intention and action will help reveal the natural vividness and confidence buried under an encrusted attitude.

It is not that we face a shortage of the best things in life, it may be just, at times, that we do not know them when they come our way. Taking time out to reflect on our lives can certainly help us to appreciate the good times we experience and give us the encouragement to try something different or new.

One cannot abide a predictable lifestyle so at times if something different comes along embrace the opportunity and give it a go.  Minds were made for changing and sparking new ways of thinking can create renewed quality of life and have unprecedented outcomes. It is rather rare for a person to form an opinion and then maintain it for the rest of their lives without ever questioning it. 

Some people peer at Redhatters from a distance and image what it might be like to be doing what they are doing as it generally looks like fun.  For those who take a step closer and make enquiries about the activities that ladies are participating in they may just find it could be a step in the right direction to becoming one of them. It is a simple transition.  Request information, join in the activities and the rest will evolve as it should and generally ladies become firm associates that enjoy their social interactions that in turn gives a platform to develop into supportive and sustaining fellowships.

It is a simple formula, a simple concept, with resulting simple rewards... friendships.


If you are not already a red hatter and this ideal interests you, or you feel it may interest someone you know, you are welcome to email this site for more information about joining the many groups around the country as listed on the “Contacting Groups” page.
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