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Summer is here, that time to recharge your spirit and think about ways to refocus your energies, recalibrate your expectations and recommit to having a happy life. 


Do not let age define you or be a barrier in finding enthusiasm in your life at any stage, especially as you get older. Gone are the days when growing old meant slowing down, ladies now have a great positive attitude and actual years in age is insignificant. They appreciate their maturity as a woman.

Positive Ageing. This is an attitude that Red hatters possess and appreciate.

There are often benefits of ageing that we rarely talk about. Generally, any focus on the older adult is more about the negative aspects. Keeping a positive attitude toward ageing is particularly important as it allows you to continue to feel good and have a sense of control as you face another part of the life cycle. As people age it is natural for them to move in and out of periods of positive ageing. Those who age positively live longer and healthier lives, and enjoy a good quality of life.


                PASSING of
           MAUREEN HALL

Member of the Shangri-Lars, Caboolture, QLD

Queen Maur - M'ladies of the Red Hat and more especially known as owner of the merchandise showroom, "For a Royal Lady".

Please see report from Queen Nettie on the special page.

                   PASSING OF

It is with sadness and a heavy heart that Queen Linda of the Red Hat Tropicanas has advised of the death of Divine Queen Mum Lavender, Irene, who passed away after a brief battle with bone cancer. She will be missed by many Red hat friends.

Research shows that being connected to others and having a positive spirit is important for mental wellbeing and can be a protective factor against loneliness, anxiety and depression. Strong ties with family, friends and the community provide people with happiness, security, support and a sense of purpose. And age is never a barrier to having fun and enjoying times with your girlfriends. 


Being part of a Red hat group gathers like-minded women together who love to explore new interests in an inviting social circle in an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and kindness. It is important for women to have close meaningful relationships with each other. Good friends provide a level of understanding and communication that positively affects your health, wellness and attitude.  And don’t underestimate the power of shared fun that Red hatters enjoy. 

Do you sometimes feel there is little fun in your life and you have lost the passion to laugh and enjoy the simple things in your day?  This can occur at any age and for those ladies viewing this site, which is focused on mature women, generally over the age of 50, it can be quite relevant.

In an adult life filled with serious responsibilities and high expectations, it’s easy to forget that we once saw the world as our playground.  Fortunately, there's a way to bring more fun into every facet of your life if you become involved with a Red hat group which has a surprising element of fuelling the effect of fun.

Hatters gather for no other purpose than to enjoy the content of the activity with a pleasurable or fun feeling, and always love to share laughter. Life experience and common sense tells us that everyone loves to have a good time.

If you are not already involved, and feel you would like the opportunity to be involved with a social group of mature women who enjoy their social opportunities together and have found new purpose to living a healthy and grateful life, give yourself the gift of friendship as a member of a Red Hat Chapter.

You are welcome to email this site:  [email protected]  for more information about joining the many groups around the country as listed on the “Contacting Groups” page :

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