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Balance. All of life is a balance, and it's easy to get out of balance if we're not careful. Ask yourself, what matters most to you? Is it worth striving or living for? As you begin to answer that question, with greater focus on the things that have true value, no doubt you will discover an incredible, beautiful, full life that's worth living. Embrace it; this your life and don’t forget to look up, look around, and appreciate what is available.

It seems a common issue in today’s society that so many people relate to their daily life as being rushed and frantic, and more often than ever throughout the day there is often that reflection, if only I could go at a slower pace, or live a less busy lifestyle.


We are always going to have tasks to complete and things that must be done … but how great is it when we can somehow manage to savour a few moments to reflect and give consideration to all the things we are grateful for…. the basic things, life and breath and whatever else that may be relevant to the moment, our health, family, friends, holidays etc.

Endeavour to be grateful for those things we often take for granted. Hug your loved ones, offer a smile to a stranger, or an act of kindness to another person. Allow someone grace instead of taking offense and be passionate about the things that will make a positive difference.

It's not just a matter of taking in the surroundings, but actually focusing on what matters most in life that will bring us to those moments of the realization that we can make a difference in how our days pans out, what we can do to turn a bad day into a good one, and ways to navigate around the hardships, if only for a little while. 

It is during those moments that women involved with Red hatting will don their purple outfit and red hat and join up with their fellow members to enjoy some respite time from their daily routine or obligations.

If you would like to be a part of the fun and frivolity please refer to the list on the Contacting Group page for the group locations:

and email this site for the contact details :


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