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Although we go through the motions of life and accomplishing what we may need to, sometimes we should give consideration to attempting something new and challenging and all we may require to realise these things is to find the motivation and a clear vision on how to achieve a great outcome.

Maturing age should never be a reason for us to give up on our aspirations. We are never too old to focus on nurturing a healthy mind and body as each of us has the wisdom and power within to make our life what we want it to be. As we mature, we need to find the tools to overcome a variety of challenges and to find something to look forward to in between the mundane tasks that contribute to our everyday life. 

As Red Hatters, many of us have determined that all we needed to do to make changes to our personal life was to address the magic of life and experience the freedom to say to ourselves: “Hey lady get going, get playful, get creative and live!” Ladies participating in hatting activities, continue to illuminate their independence and vitality while participating in their social arena and building up a friendship base like no other.

As we grow older our true friendships become more clearly defined as we go through life transitions and the comfort and familiarity of friendships takes priority. Take care of yourself by allowing good people into your life, take care of others by being a good friend.

Around the states there are over 300 chapters with thousands of  fun-loving women who regularly meet up to enjoy their social interactions. Groups will now be gearing up for another year of fun and fellowships, planning their activities and finding interesting things to do throughout the year.  Most events will involve a meal, or coffee and opportunities to chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. This will be done while wearing the signature purple outfit and red hat or headgear that distinguishes this unique women’s organisation.

Some chapters in Australia have been functioning for over 15 years, that is a lot of positive change for a lot of fun-loving women! They have found that opportunity to enjoy the magic sparks that brightens up their otherwise routine days when they gather.

If you would like to be a part of the fun and frivolity please refer to the list on the Contacting Group page for the group locations and email this site for the contact details


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