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No matter what the season, or the reason, Red Hatters will always find ways to enjoy their time socialising together and in doing so benefit from the fun and friendship shared.


Around the states there are many activities happening amongst the 300  plus Chapters, as well as lots of multi- group events as well.

Thousands of  fun-loving women regularly meet up to enjoy their social interactions  that usually involves a meal, or coffee and lots of opportunities to chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

This will be done while wearing the signature purple outfit and red hat or headgear that distinguishes this unique women’s organisation.

View the Future Event page

for information on activities you may be interested in joining in: Conventions, themed gatherings, Cruises, Queens Council, Girlfriends Giggle and Gaggles and Aussie Red Hat Day, plus also dates for planned events up to 2021!

Some chapters in Australia have been functioning for 18 years, that is a lot of positive change for a lot of fun-loving women! They have found that opportunity to enjoy the magic sparks that brightens up their otherwise routine days when they gather.

If you would like to be a part of the fun and frivolity please refer to the list on the Contacting Group page for the group locations:

and email this site for the contact details :


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